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  • Global Satellite Coverage & Independence from Cellular Networks: O-BOY ensures connectivity even in the most remote areas, independent of ground-based networks.
  • Insurance Coverage: O-BOY is a crucial ally in emergencies, offering a lifeline and up to $100,000 insurance during disasters, remote adventures, or when you're in peril - lost, injured, or trapped!


  • Reliability: O-BOY trumps traditional networks in reliability, shrugging off congestion, outages, and local disruptions (like earthquakes taking down cell towers) with ease.


SKU: 0001
Colour: Black
    • Weight : 56 gram
    • Dimensions : 50 mm diameter
    • Battery life : up to 34 days
    • Water-resistance : 120 ft/ 40 m
    • Certification : CE and FCC
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