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Satellite Rescue Watch 


Embrace the freedom of satellite connectivity,

Beyond the reach of cellular networks.

Wherever you go, we got your back!

Go Further, Safer

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Our Plans & Pricing

Pay per play

Unlike expensive activation fees of our competitors, you only pay when you embark on your adventures.
No more paying for what you don't use.
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Get Me

50 credits - 2.5€/month

(if paid yearly)

100 credits - 3€/month

(if paid yearly)

Need to warn someone that you have an issue ? Or, just want to reassure your loved ones ? 

Send a custom message with your gps coordinates to your favorite contacts.

The GetMe packs are valid for 365 days from the date of your choice, and can be reloaded at any time.

1 message / contact = 1 credit


Track Me

Need to keep track of your route and share your live position ?


Send a Google Map link with all your tracking points to your favorite contacts.


200 credits - 5.9€/month (if paid yearly)

400 credits - 7.5€/month (if paid yearly)

The TrackMe packs are valid for 365 days from the date of your choice, and can be reloaded at any time.


Rescue Me

Did you get hurt while on your adventure and need help ?

Send an SOS signal to Focus Point International who will dispatch a rescue team to save you! This service also includes an insurance covering up to $100k of the cost of the S&R operation. 

2 months - 99.95€

1 year - 149.95€

The RescueMe service can be used maximum 1 time per month and for a total of maximum 2 times per year.

Plans & Pricing

Our Watch

Technology and reliability  


Great Autonomy

34 days - Light usage.

14 days -  Regular usage.

36 hours - Intensive usage.

Satellite Connexion

O-BOY sends your message and position via satellite. Not via to cellular network like regular smart-watches/phones.

Wireless Charging

A tailormade QI charger is included in your O-BOY package.

10 ATM water-resistance 

Shockproof, waterproof, dustproof.

Lightweight & Compact

Only 56g & 50 mm diameter.

Much handier than safety beacons

and phones!


Our Mission

Save your life

or the life of a loved one

Ready for adventure? Count on O-BOY for the ultimate satellite rescue watch!

Forget about those other guys relying on outdated cellular tech that's useless in remote places.

Go ahead, push your limits and live life on the edge. 

No matter where you roam – from oceans to deserts – O-BOY ensures help is just a click away. 


Our Ambassadors

Our Customers are our Ambassadors

"Exploring the backcountry's untracked snow is my thrill, but the mountains can be as unpredictable as they are magnificent. That's why the O-Boy satellite watch is a staple in my gear. It's been a game-changer on my ski tours in the Rockies, offering peace of mind in close calls. Even in areas without cell service, I know I can rely on its distress signal if needed. It's as vital as my avalanche beacon, ensuring safety amid nature's unpredictability."

Jake Hollister, Extreme Freeride Skier

European space agency rescue watch
Sauter de l'avion


Operations offtrack

"As a Search and Rescue Team Coordinator, I can't stress enough the critical role that reliable equipment plays in the success of our missions. O-BOY has been a game-changer for our operations, especially in remote areas where cell service is a fantasy. The reliability of its distress signal has allowed us to respond faster and more efficiently than ever before."

Lieutenant Sarah Jensen, Search and Rescue Team Coordinator

Camping dans la nature


Travels in unsafe areas

“As her father, my peace of mind is priceless. Gifting my daughter the O-BOY watch for her South American journey meant she had a lifeline, anytime, anywhere. It’s more than a watch; it's our safety link while she explores the world.”

Andy Portman, Caroline's father, Arizona, USA


Treat yourself to a O-BOY rescue watch 


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